The Stop B2H Coalition is a non-political, grassroots organization of nearly 400 individuals and a growing number of member organizations. Our purpose is to fight the proposed B2H transmission line through NE Oregon. B2H is a 500 kV line that will connect Boardman, OR to Hemingway, ID. This line will consist of 1200 towers as high as 200′, spanning 305 miles, and requiring a minimum 250’-wide clear cut.

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“How To” Guide: Preparing for the State Hearings on B2H


The La Grande City Council has issued a proclamation opposing the construction of the B2H line. Thanks to City Council members and to Ashley O’Toole for making this happen!
Recent news coverage in the La Grande Observer.

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The Stop B2H Coalition is a 501c3 nonprofit organization, registered in the State of Oregon.