Our strategy

1. Questioning Need: Idaho Power’ has claimed for a decade that this project will be needed. Like old landline phones, the energy sector has been trans- formed, but even faster. Idaho Power uses faulty assumptions based on outdated and questionable data. We are challenging them before the Idaho and Oregon Public Utility Commissions, the regulatory agencies that acknowledge “need” for proposed projects and protect rate-payers.

2. Participating in the Siting Processes: The Oregon siting agency examines Idaho Power’s application for ‘completeness and compliance,’ to decide on a “site certificate.” We are examining Idaho Power’s debatable data on more than 30 agency criteria and will respond to every entry. Contested cases will be filed if necessary.

3. Questioning Idaho Power’s Preferred Route: Four years of intense environmental studies (BLM) picked the least damaging route. Idaho Power ignored it, choosing the most environmentally and culturally damaging route across private and public lands. The ‘new’ Idaho Power route must be analyzed in a Supplemental study (EIS), receiving the same expert scrutiny as the BLM’s preferred route.

4. Citizen Action! Educate, Influence and Pressure decision makers through: public meetings, written and oral testimony and letter writing. Community awareness via newsletters, fact sheets, researched papers, community meetings, and participation in regulatory processes as interveners.