Our mission

To stop the approval and construction of an unneeded 305 mile, 500 kV transmission line through NE Oregon, and thereby:

  • Protect environmental, historical and cultural resources;
  • Prevent degradation of timber and agricultural lands and the Oregon National Historic Trail;
  • Promote energy conservation, and acknowledge the past decade’s revolutionary developments in renewable energy, energy storage, and distribution.

Our strategy

To challenge Idaho Power’s controversial statistics and outdated plan. They want to reap a corporate profit by gouging a gash across our treasured public and private lands. The B2H line is not needed, and we can prove it. It’s time to convince the agencies/officials to Stop B2H and protect our grand-kids’ future. We want to prevent negative environmental, cultural, health, safety, social, and economic impacts to our region,  as well as damage to the Oregon National Historic Trail. A highly centralized distribution of power is less secure, prone to natural hazards and hacking.

We seek to promote rapid use of new energy technologies, which are carbon-free, more efficient, cheaper, and currently in use. These are solutions available now and into the future. The B2H is a damaging, obsolete dinosaur!

Our four-pronged strategy…

Our theory of change

Who we are

The Stop B2H Coalition is a grassroots organization of nearly 900 individuals and a growing number of member organizations:

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